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I am a Connecticut based photographer. I'm an amateur but I take it very seriously. I love what I do. I love who I am. I love my life. I'm surrounded by love, color & art.

Sunday, 31 July 2011

So Andy is trying to win this competition at work where he wins $4000 & a trip to Mexico. The competition takes place over 2 weeks. OMG I am SO excited for him. If he wins, we can get our apartment sooner than planned! & go to Mexico! AMAZING. oh gosh so excited! I really hope he wins! It'll help us out so much!

I had my first experience with Hibachi yesterday. It was awesome. I had Saki too with Kyle. Andy was amazed that I was drinking because I normally don't. I find it stupid to get drunk out of your mind & forget who you are. My bio parents were alcoholics & I hate them for it, I don't want to turn into them.
But anyways, happy time at Hibachi. I got chicken & steak. I tried new things, which in itself is a miracle for me. I just wish I had my camera with me, I forgot it at home. I could've gotten some awesome shots. I was a little nervous with the fire, I'm terrified of fire. I was clutching Andy with a death grip at the parts with the fires. But I was fascinated at the same time.
They brought out a little dish of fried ice cream for Kyle for her birthday. It was awesome, one of the guys played a drum & the entire restaurant sang Happy Birthday for her. It was really cute.
All in all a really awesome day yesterday. : )

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Birthday Time!

I love birthdays!
It's my good friend, Kyle's, 24th birthday today!

This is her adorable pup, Duke. He's hilarious.
In the background you'll see part of one of her sculptures.

She's an amazing metal & ceramics artist. She's an awesome friend. She's one of my closest friends. We always go to Manhattan together to visit Chinatown. We always have so much fun. We buy like thousands of dollars worth of Korean & Japanese dramas while we're there, but for less than $200! I always have so much fun with her. She's so wonderful!

I wish her nothing but the best in life & her adventures. I love her dearly.

Friday, 29 July 2011

I keep thinking about Halloween & fall. I want to carve pumpkins this year. Go to Salem & just walk around. I'm hoping to have my 50mm f/1.4 lens by the end of August, so I can fool around with it before classes start. I have so many ideas for photos this fall. I absolutely love fall colors. I'm so excited to experiment with them. : )


Brothers by maimerd
Brothers, a photo by maimerd on Flickr.

I get to see these boys again this summer!
Third summer in a row that I get to spend another full week with them!
I love them! They push each other around to get at me when I feed them treats. It's hilarious. I might climb through the fence to walk around with them a bit this time around.
It'd definitely make for some interesting photos.

weeee! Andy & I are really close to getting our apartment!
I'm so excited!
We're getting his Aunt's kitty too! Her name is Sadie. She is an absolute sweet heart! She's gorgeous too. Her coloring is just beautiful. I can't wait to use her as a photography subject. ^_^

My life is turning out perfectly!

I should be hearing from Southern soon. To see if I got into the Art Education program for the fall.
Cross your fingers for me! 


042 by maimerd
042, a photo by maimerd on Flickr.

I love this cat.
He's amazing!


043 by maimerd
043, a photo by maimerd on Flickr.

my favorite kind of dessert. just had to take a photo of it. ^_^