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Sunday, 31 July 2011

So Andy is trying to win this competition at work where he wins $4000 & a trip to Mexico. The competition takes place over 2 weeks. OMG I am SO excited for him. If he wins, we can get our apartment sooner than planned! & go to Mexico! AMAZING. oh gosh so excited! I really hope he wins! It'll help us out so much!

I had my first experience with Hibachi yesterday. It was awesome. I had Saki too with Kyle. Andy was amazed that I was drinking because I normally don't. I find it stupid to get drunk out of your mind & forget who you are. My bio parents were alcoholics & I hate them for it, I don't want to turn into them.
But anyways, happy time at Hibachi. I got chicken & steak. I tried new things, which in itself is a miracle for me. I just wish I had my camera with me, I forgot it at home. I could've gotten some awesome shots. I was a little nervous with the fire, I'm terrified of fire. I was clutching Andy with a death grip at the parts with the fires. But I was fascinated at the same time.
They brought out a little dish of fried ice cream for Kyle for her birthday. It was awesome, one of the guys played a drum & the entire restaurant sang Happy Birthday for her. It was really cute.
All in all a really awesome day yesterday. : )

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