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I am a Connecticut based photographer. I'm an amateur but I take it very seriously. I love what I do. I love who I am. I love my life. I'm surrounded by love, color & art.

Friday, 30 September 2011


I apologize for not updating with any photos lately, but I still don't have an external hard drive.
I ordered one for my computer and the order sheet says it should arrive next week some time.

In other news! Andy is taking us to go see Trans Siberian Orchestra when they arrive in November! I am so excited! I absolutely love TSO! I'll see if I can take my camera, they usually allow you to take photos, but if not, I'll have my phone so I'll take some photos & videos on my phone. I'm really excited, TSO always puts on an amazing show, Andy's never been & I just can't wait to see how he likes the show when we go. Funny fact: I know the brother of the male violinist, Mark Wood, that used to be in TSO, he was one of the original members. He left in 2009, but I knew his brother, Stephen Wood, he was my violin teacher from elementary school up through middle school & I saw him a lot during high school, he instructed our small "gifted" orchestra, which really was just made up of kids who thought they were better than everyone else but really weren't. None of them went on to continue in music in college or life, unlike me where I continue to play & would really love to join another orchestra, which I'm thinking of doing this year when Andy & I move.

Here have some old photos of my instruments.
This photo was taken on Christmas day two years ago or so, the day I got my camera. (It'll hopefully explain why there's a snowman on my piano haha)

Sunday, 25 September 2011

head aches and heart aches

Well I just got screwed over by my computer. Turns out I save so many photos that there is now no more room on my computer to save photos. So I'm searching for cheap tera bite hard drives. I found one that I can get tonight & have delivered by Tuesday. Definitely going to get it.
Anyways, here are some photos from yesterday's family dinner/aunt & uncles anniversary party, some are from before the party, that I have saved before I ran out of room.

Coops is going to hate me when she grows up for photos like these. haha

Friday, 23 September 2011

Rain Rain go away, come again another day

Fooled around with the manual focus on my camera. I must say I love manual focus on a rainy day.
My favorite is a tie between 3 & 8.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

natural beauty

This little guy, Mr. Bee I'll call him, never stopped moving. (That's why he's out of focus) He was constantly jumping from flower to flower. I got frustrated & gave up on taking his photo, plus he flew away in a gust of wind.

Fooled around with my exposure setting. This is basically the same photo as the one at the top, but taken a few minutes later at a lower exposure. I'm trying to use photoshop less & actually use my talent with the camera instead. I hate overly photoshopped photos, I feel they don't show the talents of the photographer. I use some photoshop, obviously to add my watermark and then possibly add a filter, fiddle with the exposure or saturation, but I ONLY use those three photo manipulation techniques in photoshop. I mainly try to stay away from that type of editing when I feel I can. I don't like to trick anyone with flashy photoshop effects.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Today was a good day.
I'm still experimenting with my new lens. I'm totally loving it so much.
I shot these in the car while Andy & I were coming home from lunch.
Also if you notice & wonder what is going on. I have changed my watermark on my photos to my name. I'm going to change it again soon to another one, so please bear with me.

I must say that I am continuously amazed by this lens. I mean look at the detail in the tips of the cigarettes!

Then Steph came over for a visit! Haven't seen her in years! It was so nice to catch up with her.

Then after Steph left, Andy made us dinner. It was very yummy. He's an amazing cook. I keep telling him he should go to culinary school. After he achieves his goals in the military & FBI of course.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

New lens

I got my brand new lens today in the mail! So happy.
I absolutely love it! I'm definitely going to be lugging my camera around with me everywhere I go, now that I have my absolute most favorite lens. I know I've only had it for a couple of hours, but I've playing around with it for almost the entire afternoon after I got some work done, & I just fell in love with it. I'm sure I'm going to say that about then next lens I get, which will hopefully be a 35mm one, but so far, out of all the lens' I have, this one is definitely my favorite.
And to make matters even better, I was placed in two schools to do my field study for the education program. (I'm doing Art Education.) & I only just sent my forms in to get placed last night. I got placed overnight, when other kids have to wait for weeks, months even. I was so lucky to get placed so fast.

Here are some shots taken with my new 50mm, literally minutes after it arrived in the mail.
I apologize, most of these photos are of Conall, it's been raining all day & he's the easiest test subject I have laying around at the moment.
Click the photos to see them larger. MUST view them larger to take in the details.