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Thursday, 22 September 2011

natural beauty

This little guy, Mr. Bee I'll call him, never stopped moving. (That's why he's out of focus) He was constantly jumping from flower to flower. I got frustrated & gave up on taking his photo, plus he flew away in a gust of wind.

Fooled around with my exposure setting. This is basically the same photo as the one at the top, but taken a few minutes later at a lower exposure. I'm trying to use photoshop less & actually use my talent with the camera instead. I hate overly photoshopped photos, I feel they don't show the talents of the photographer. I use some photoshop, obviously to add my watermark and then possibly add a filter, fiddle with the exposure or saturation, but I ONLY use those three photo manipulation techniques in photoshop. I mainly try to stay away from that type of editing when I feel I can. I don't like to trick anyone with flashy photoshop effects.

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