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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

New lens

I got my brand new lens today in the mail! So happy.
I absolutely love it! I'm definitely going to be lugging my camera around with me everywhere I go, now that I have my absolute most favorite lens. I know I've only had it for a couple of hours, but I've playing around with it for almost the entire afternoon after I got some work done, & I just fell in love with it. I'm sure I'm going to say that about then next lens I get, which will hopefully be a 35mm one, but so far, out of all the lens' I have, this one is definitely my favorite.
And to make matters even better, I was placed in two schools to do my field study for the education program. (I'm doing Art Education.) & I only just sent my forms in to get placed last night. I got placed overnight, when other kids have to wait for weeks, months even. I was so lucky to get placed so fast.

Here are some shots taken with my new 50mm, literally minutes after it arrived in the mail.
I apologize, most of these photos are of Conall, it's been raining all day & he's the easiest test subject I have laying around at the moment.
Click the photos to see them larger. MUST view them larger to take in the details.

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