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Friday, 30 September 2011


I apologize for not updating with any photos lately, but I still don't have an external hard drive.
I ordered one for my computer and the order sheet says it should arrive next week some time.

In other news! Andy is taking us to go see Trans Siberian Orchestra when they arrive in November! I am so excited! I absolutely love TSO! I'll see if I can take my camera, they usually allow you to take photos, but if not, I'll have my phone so I'll take some photos & videos on my phone. I'm really excited, TSO always puts on an amazing show, Andy's never been & I just can't wait to see how he likes the show when we go. Funny fact: I know the brother of the male violinist, Mark Wood, that used to be in TSO, he was one of the original members. He left in 2009, but I knew his brother, Stephen Wood, he was my violin teacher from elementary school up through middle school & I saw him a lot during high school, he instructed our small "gifted" orchestra, which really was just made up of kids who thought they were better than everyone else but really weren't. None of them went on to continue in music in college or life, unlike me where I continue to play & would really love to join another orchestra, which I'm thinking of doing this year when Andy & I move.

Here have some old photos of my instruments.
This photo was taken on Christmas day two years ago or so, the day I got my camera. (It'll hopefully explain why there's a snowman on my piano haha)

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