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Thursday, 6 October 2011

baby it's cold outside

Yay! The weather is finally getting colder! I haven't been able to go outside without a hoodie for the past couple of days! I'm so happy that it's finally cooling down. Andy & I will be going out next week to a pumpkin patch with a corn maze. So I will definitely be getting more photos to you.
My external hard drive arrived in the mail monday. So in the time since monday night I have transferred literally my entire computer over to it. 
I went to my cousin's baby shower this past weekend. I'm excited to see what they have. They're keeping it a secret.

This is Parker, my cousin Scott's son. He's so cute! He was my backseat buddie on the drive down to the baby shower.

Cooper was so good! She was just happy the whole time, until her mother tried to leave. Then she cried for her momma. But luckily I saved the day by finding full episodes of "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" on youtube for her to watch. She absolutely adores Mickey Mouse!

I love Andy's tattoo on his right arm/shoulder. It's my favorite one.

My grandmother made some pumpkin cupcakes, so yummy! She had me frost them too. haha!

Andy decided to kidnap my camera for a bit, while I went into the grocery store to pick up some things for dinner the other night. I honestly think he'd do very well in photography. We plan on taking a digital photography course together next summer after he gets home from boot camp in the spring, and after we get our apartment and our puppy! We're getting a Wolamute! I'm so excited about him! We're going to have a part wolf in the family!

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