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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Halloween was canceled.

For real. It was really canceled in the state of Connecticut.
Because of all the damage the snow storm brought.
Yes indeed, I did say (write) snow storm.
We had a severe snow storm pass through CT over the weekend. Andy and I drove through it on our way to Salem MA on Saturday. I managed to snap a few shots. And I do mean few, the lighting was terrible and the snow made everything blurry and get dark. It was a rainy snow too that we got in Salem, it was terribly windy. I almost got blown out into the street at one point, but I didn't Andy and I were holding hands and so he kept me from getting blown out into traffic. I didn't get any photos in Salem, all it was doing was raining and snowing at the same time and you know that the wind was terrible. So because of all that I didn't want to chance taking my camera out and ruining it because of all the water that was being blown around by the wind.

Now for the very first time I am introducing you to Sadie. Andy's cat that we're taking home with us when we get our apartment in the Spring. She's an absolute doll! She's gorgeous! And such a sweet heart...well when she wants to be. She gets a bit cranky when you try to pick her up when she doesn't want to be.

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