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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Hurricane Irene

So Hurricane Irene is getting close. It's down pouring where my boyfriend is currently. It isn't raining yet where I am. I'm really nervous about this storm.
This is a category 1/2 HURRICANE.
Some people I've talked to don't seem to understand this at all.
There are 7 categories to go through of tropical storms before you even get to the hurricane categories.
CT had a bad rain storm a couple years back & we weren't even prepared for that. How are we going to be prepared for this monster?
People should be freaking out in my mind.
I honestly will not be surprised if we hear of deaths after the storm passes.
Even Florida is nervous for us. If FLORIDA is nervous for us, we should be dead terrified right now.
I don't understand how most people who aren't worried about this storm could be so stupid. 
People are being evacuated! My cousins in New Jersey were evacuated. So they came here.
Andy & I are so lucky that we left Manhattan when we did, other wise we'd be stuck there. Although I'm sure my cousins would have come picked us up on their way to CT.
I'm very frustrated with friends & family who think this storm is nothing. They are complete morons in my mind right now. They know nothing about weather, they should shut up & listen to the government. The president & the governor have put CT in a state of emergency.
There's already been a death!

This is an extremely serious storm. You are a complete moron if you don't believe it.

now there are four dead in North Carolina.

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