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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Power has been restored at my cousins condo, which I live at for now up until Andy & I can get our apartment. So happy. I can see my baby tonight! So excited to see him!

Seriously considering going to Andy's tattoo artist. We looked at his website the other day & found that he put Andy's tattoo up in his gallery. We were both very proud of that.
When Andy goes to give him the idea for his next tattoo he's going to bring me with him to have him look at my current tattoo of my piano, Andy thinks the one who did it went too deep because it's still raised pretty high, as high as the day it was done which was over a year ago. So we're just gunna have him take a look to make sure everything's ok.

Also might just go to him for my next tattoo of Ariel. ^_^ then my tiger too if he can do it really life like with no outlines.

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