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Friday, 30 December 2011

On this Merry Christmas day

Andy & I had a great christmas. I didn't get any Christmasy photos sadly, but I did get a bunch of Sadie. I made a great friend with her. She's my newest cuddle buddy! I've been taking a lot of Christmas type photos before Christmas even arrived, so I couldn't think up anything new to do for photos on Christmas. So I just said, hey I don't have that many of Sadie, I'll have her be a model for me!
I got a new bracelet from Tara's Diary that I absolutely love! And I got an EWA Marine underwater case for my camera! So I'll be able to go to the beach more often and in the pool with my camera now! I might start some new photography styles with it, now that I can go underwater!

This one is my favorite portrait of her. She looks so happy to me.

Sadie then decided that she wanted to crawl up onto my hip and leg and lay down on me while I laid down to take a nap. (That's a new hat I'm wearing, it looks odd because of the angle and how I was laying down.) Andy took this photo for me. I wanted a record of how she cuddles with me.

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