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Friday, 6 January 2012

water room

Well everyone, I have officially given my camera her first underwater experience with my EWA marine housing that Andy's mother gave me for Christmas.
She seemed to enjoy herself! I didn't have much trouble with her, except for her buoyancy. I managed to fix that a bit by sucking the extra air out through a little air plug.
I will admit that I have edited these in photoshop, so they look grainy. The water was ridiculously cloudy and yellowish. I wanted to give the water a more appealing color of blues, cyan and teals so I reluctantly gave in to editing them in photoshop even though I absolutely hate to edit except to add my watermark.
Here's the photos that managed to come out more attractive than the rest. Keep in mind that this is my first time doing underwater photography, so they aren't extremely attractive like Sarah Lee's (on flickr) are. I'm a big fan of hers and hope to one day possibly come close to her underwater talents.

completely submerged looking up towards the surface of the water.

I love the reflection area that's in focus of the water

little bubbles created by Kyle kicking to propel herself through the water.

me swimming with my monofin.

jacuzzi bubbles!

jacuzzi bubbles!

jacuzzi bubbles!

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